Smartphone Images Predict Whether Children Have Anaemia

A new study published in PLOS ONE has proposed a non-invasive method for detecting anaemia in children using smartphone-based colorimetry.

The research, conducted jointly by the University College London and the University of Ghana, involved analysing photographs of the lower eyelid, sclera, and mucosal membrane near the lower lip to identify signs of anaemia.

The colorimetry approach was found to be highly effective, with a sensitivity of 92.9% and specificity of 89.7% in detecting the condition in 62 children under the age of four at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana.

The study’s authors suggest that this technique has the potential to make anaemia screening more widely available and may offer a valuable tool for diagnosing the condition in resource-limited settings.

By leveraging the power of smartphone technology, this study could provide an innovative solution for improving the detection and management of anaemia in children around the world.

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