Sue Perkins urges Early Eye Care

Former Great British Bake-Off presenter Sue Perkins has urged the public to visit an optometrist on the BBC’s Morning Live during National Eye Health Week (NEHW).

Perkins has told viewers that she ‘never really understood how many other serious conditions can be spotted when you have an eye test.’

She explained that her father’s brain tumour had been diagnosed when visiting an optician. ‘It’s alerted me to the fact that a simple trip can diagnose things really early,’ she said, ‘most of the time it won’t be anything serious, but with glaucoma, hypertension and diabetes early interventions can be made and really great outcomes can be achieved.’

She has urged people to “take care of their eyes” and not to ignore blurred vision and “For those worried about getting their eyes checked, the new technology feels like nothing more than a sigh over the eyeball”.

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