New app Detects Eye Disease

A newly developed app called CRADLE searches for abnormal reflections from the retina called leukocoria or “white eye,” a major symptom of retinoblastoma, as well as other common eye disorders. Studies have suggested that the app is an effective tool to enhance clinical leukocoria screenings, permitting parents to screen their children more often.

Research also determined the sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of the prototype by analysing more than 50,000 photographs of children taken before their diagnosis. The patients that were diagnosed with eye disorders, the app was able to detect leukocoria for 80% of the children.

The CRADLE app seems to be more effective simply by the scope and frequency of its sample sizes: everyday family photos. Taking into account the number of photos taken by family and friends, there is a variety of opportunities for light to reflect off the ocular lesions regardless of its location in the eye.

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